Bringing a (bar-based!) social gifting startup to life - cheers to that.

What if you could purchase a drink for a friend while they were out having fun, and you were somewhere else? That, in a nutshell, was the idea behind Barmonger. They reached out to us before their second round of financing, and asked us to help bring both their company and their idea to life.

Your round, cuz.

The branding came first and needed to provide an instant recognition of what the platform actually was: a beverage-based social gifting tool. However, Barmonger didn't want to limit itself to just bars, as they saw long term growth potential into cafes and coffee shops as well. With this in mind we delivered a robust set of logos for future situational use, as well as for Barmonger's main target - alcoholic beverages at bars and restaurants. The web interface was then brought to life and featured easy location-based lookup and intuitive online ordering. The result? Social gifting done right.

Barmonger Branding

The Website