Demiurge Studios

Demiurge Studios

(Re)creating the creator of digital worlds.

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Demiurge Studios was in a tough position. As a cutting edge, well respected video game development studio, their brand and website were exceedingly sub par. They needed to catch up to the level of their work, fast.

Demiurge asked Threshold to completely overhaul their brand, and deliver a website that not only showed off their amazing work, but reached out to their avid fan base. In a competitive industry, they needed to set themselves apart from their competition by creating something memorable and unique. They also wanted to represent what the word 'demiurge' actually means, which is: "the creator of worlds."

A complete transformation.

Though our first iteration of designs for the new logo hit “surprisingly close to home", we continued to venture into new territory in our second and third rounds of designs. The final mark was actually derived from simple revisions to one of our original design submissions. Color was added and the logo was polished and finalized.

The website was designed to provide more interaction between Demiurge and their customer base, utilizing both social media and a user forum. The result was Demiurge reemerging in their rightful place as an industry leader.

Branding Demiurge Studios

The Website