Designing a universe that enthralls kids and helps deliver all-natural, delightfully flavorful treats.

Energy bars have become an insanely popular food item over the past decade. If you ever take time to read the labels on your favorite energy bar, however, you may be astounded at the amount of sugar and ingredients you can't pronounce that are included in each and every bite. For many parents, the thought of feeding these tasty treats to their kids is downright scary.

Appealing to youth through design.

Enter, EscoBarz. The brainchild of a local Portland chef and aspiring entrepreneur, EscoBarz boast absolutely jaw dropping flavors while being all natural and nutritious at the same time. Threshold was tasked with creating a brand and vision that used animals to reach kids, while at the same time not excluding adults. We were able to tie specific flavors and animals together and communicate to both markets through a range of custom illustrations that bring the product to life. The fringe benefits of bringing the EscoBarz world to life? Housing their mouth watering treats on the daily. Gulp.

Branding EscoBarz

Packaging Design