GWC Decorative Concrete

GWC Decorative Concrete

Paving a new path forward for an elite custom concrete contractor.

GWC Decorative Concrete has been a premier player in the Portland custom concrete market for almost 30 years. However from a branding and digital standpoint, they were light-years behind in terms of approaching the quality of services they offer. Stuck on a WordPress template and with no direction from their previous partners, they approached Threshold looking for a fresh start.

A foundation that's built to last

The first step in our process with GWC was to sort out who, exactly, they wanted to target customer wise. The company had a somewhat scattered history from branding perspective, and we needed to be laser focused on communicating to their potential customer base. Our final design sought to do so while simultaneously alluding to their high-end, custom service offerings.

The old GWC website was a mishmash of templated UI and content that didn't help the consumer understand and join the company's story. The goal was to simplify with an exceedingly clean design that lent itself towards architectural undertones. The addition of more deliberate, custom photography provided the final touch design wise, before everything was brought to life by Craft CMS. A brand new experience, edged, cured and sealed.

GWC Decorative Concrete Branding