Virtual Site Walk

Virtual Site Walk

An off the hook tool for cell tower engineers.

The wireless industry deploys a wide range of technologies that constantly need to be maintained and updated. There's an even wider range of engineers that are called up on to perform these duties. Virtual Site Walk is a tool designed to aid cell tower engineers as they conduct their work, by providing them with a unified platform from which to gather, update and reference cell tower information.

Can you hear me now?

It was clear from the outset that everything about this tool was going to have to be custom. That meant using our favorite content management system wasn't an option, so instead we opted to build it from scratch using the Laravel PHP framework. First and foremost the system had to be easy to use, even on mobile devices. It also had to account for hundreds of thousands of cell tower sites, each associated with multiple projects and a wide variety of data underlying each of those projects (videos, documents, maps and more). To top it off, the system had to account for indivdual user accounts that allowed each user to create and access custom reports on the fly.

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