Western Bus

Western Bus

Revamping and revitalizing a family owned business from the ground up.

Western Bus Sales first reached out to us because their website was not mobile friendly, and as a result their online customers weren't being served in the best manner possible. As we started to discuss their culture and values, it quickly became evident to both parties that the website wasn't the only thing that needed to be overhauled.

The existing logo was dated and hard to identify visually. Most importantly, it wasn't reflecting the basic core values of the organization: integrity, quality and honesty. With those adjectives as our guide, we set out to rebrand Western Bus and provide a solid brand foundation on which to build everything else.

Modern meets traditional

While Western Bus new they needed an overhaul brand-wise, there was trepidation in that they feared the traditionalism of the company being lost in a new design. Finding a meeting point between opposite ends of the spectrum is always tricky, but in the end we delivered a design that hit the mark and met the stated goals of the client.

The challenge the website presented was that Western Bus serves distinct sets of customers in its everyday business. As a dealer, the sell both new and used buses and vans. As a service and parts / accessories center, they service not only the bus market but RV's of all types. Neither part of the business was served well by the old website, where things were not only difficult to find but slow to load.

Our design sought to create an intuitive experience for each of their customer journeys, as well as a solid mobile experience throughout. Using Craft CMS as the content management system allowed Western Bus to easily insert all of their inventory, as well as maintain it into the future. And when the rubber met the road, a brand new customer experience was delivered.

Western Bus Branding

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