Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The "push" to your website's "pull." The upside of email marketing is that it gives you nearly instant access to promote your business to your customer base at once. The downside is that your customers are getting bombarded from all angles because of said upside. Threshold can help you navigate this digital minefield with a mix of direction, design and one fantastic tool: EchoShot.

EchoShot is an easy to use email marketing solution that lets you create, send and measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns. And instead of the more common monthly fees associated with other email marketing solutions, EchoShot is pay as you go and only for what you need.

Create, send, and measure. EchoShot gets your business heard. Fast.


Think of EchoShot as a Content Management System for emails in that once your email design(s) are implemented, you can easily add the content yourself without having to deal with an HTML code base. Click and edit headlines, content, quotes, coupons or whatever it is that your emails contain. In one word: Easy.


Because EchoShot is generally linked to your website, all of the users that have signed up to receive your email communications are contained in EchoShot's database (you can even upload your customer lists from previous databases). They can be sliced and diced in any way you require. Say you want to target your California-based customers about your new California-widgets (those sound promising!) You can easily send out a targeted email to just this group with a few clicks of your mouse.


It's not enough to just send out email based campaigns. Tracking their overall effectiveness is where much of the prize resides. Fortunately, EchoShot provides you a wealth of information on each of your campaigns that is literally at your fingertips. Who opened and when? Who clicked and where? It's all there to help you wash, rinse and repeat your way to long-term email marketing success.