ByWater Solutions

ByWater Solutions

Helping to grow and transform an international, open-source software hero.

ByWater Solutions empowers and supports libraries all over the country, as well as the world. Supporting over 1,500 libraries, ByWater has a massive amount of information to share online with it's loyal community. However, there was an equally sizeable problem that was weighing the organization down.

The issue? ByWater was slowly sinking under the weight of an old site built on the WordPress platform. The aging site was not only taking an enormous amount of their resources to just to keep afloat, but also crippling their ability to educate and support their client base.

Changing course

Our challenge was to not only design and build a site that could support ByWater's mission and unique organizational challenges, but to also account for the shear volume of legacy data that would need to be ported to the new system.

We started with a clean and organized design structure that we augmented with friendly, brand-relevant illustrations. The user centric design catered to the usage patterns of the community, allowing them to readily find information and ease the burden of ByWater's support staff.

Using Craft CMS as the backend platform allowed us to create a flexible environment that could support and extend ByWater's reach. Because reentering the legacy data manually would have taken many months, we created a custom migration script to import their sizeable amount of content into the new system almost instantly. Ahoy!

Brand Elements

The Website