Portland loves its pups. We gave rebranding & redesign love to its premier dog gear slinger.

As one of the most dog friendly cities in the country, Portland is home to some of the luckiest pups this side of your uncle's farm. Seriously, we even have bars centered around bringing your best four-legged friend in with you. That's why we were so excited when Goldpaw approached us for a rebrand and a new ecommerce enabled website.

Goldpaw had a wide array of project requirements, with the largest being the need for an API connection between their ecommerce system and their inventory management system, Fishbowl. Their old online ordering process required a great deal of manual effort on their part in terms of inputting orders into Fishbowl, and they wanted us to automate that process for them. We solved this by custom developing a plugin for Craft CMS / Craft Commerce that shares product and order data with Fishbowl. Done and done.

Uncaged, and off-leash

Goldpaw's branding and website didn't live up to either the quality of their products or their renowned customer service. Knowing this to be the case, they gave us the freedom to reframe their brand in the friendly image of the dogs their apparel caters to. The resulting logo accomplished that goal, and the new website took things a step further. We produced a simplified yet striking design that showed off the pup models and made the apparel the star. Woof!

Goldpaw Branding

eCommerce Website