Ricochet Network

Ricochet Network

A Portland-based web hosting service grows into something special.

Since its founding in 2005, Ricochet has served a small but loyal set of customers, primarily in the Pacific Northwest. Ricochet provides web hosting and domain management services - you know, the stuff that sounds boring and sometimes confusing, but keeps your website available to the masses.

The challenge we were presented was to create a user friendly ecommerce experience from scratch that stayed true to the Ricochet brand. There were a variety of design elements that all needed to mesh: the website, the ecommerce / ordering interface, and the Ricochet customer account portal.

Make it friendly and underscore quality.

We started with the branding and logo design. Using that as our foundation, Threshold designed a gorgeous, fully responsive, custom website that was tailored to attract Ricochet's target market. In addition to ecommerce would serve as the framework from which Ricochet would ultimately reach out and interact with its customers. The final result was a fresh experience that lived up to the company's brand promise.

Branding Ricochet Network

The Website